Sunday, 20 April 2008

Sky Netgear DG834GT-1skuk

These "tweaks" are currently only compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer, unless otherwise indicated.

DG834GT Detailed Stats  alternate version. (This version should also work in Opera and Safari)

SF: Super Frame count   G.dmt framing
CRC: CRC error count K: No. of data bytes in DMT frame
ES: Errored Seconds (Seconds with 1 or more CRC errors) R: No. of redundant (parity) bytes per Reed Solomon codeword
SES: Severely Errored Seconds S: No. of data frames per RS codeword
RS: Reed Solomon codewords (FEC Data Frames) D: Interleave depth
RSCorr: RS Correctable errors (aka FEC)
RSUnCorr: RS Uncorrectable errors    ADSL2 framing
LOF: Loss Of Framing MSGc: No. of bytes in overhead channel message
Delay: delay due to interleaving (milliseconds) B: No. of bytes in Mux Data Frame
INP: Impulse Noise Protection (milliseconds) M: No. of Mux Data Frames per Reed Solomon codeword
PER: Overhead channel period (msec) T: No. of Mux Data Frames proceeding a synchronization byte
OR: Bit rate of the overhead channel R: No. of redundant (parity) bytes per Reed Solomon codeword
HEC: ATM checksum header error count S: Ratio of RS codeword over PMD Data Frame length
LOS: Loss Of Signal L: No. of bits in PMD Data Frame
UAS: Unavailable Seconds (No Signal) D: Interleave depth

Enable telnet          Open telnet console      to disable type "killall utelnetd" in the console. (Enable telnet should also work in Opera and Safari)

Extract ADSL Password and Username (Should work in Opera)

PPP debug mode   logs PPP authentication attempts and LCP echo requests. Note this will cause your PPP connection to drop and reconnect. The PPP log can get very large if you leave it enabled.   

View PPP log file  (note that the PPP log contains your username and a hash of your password)

Delete PPP log file and cease PPP logging

Target Noise Margin

Override Target Noise Margin % of default target margin  86%=6dB, 100%=7dB(default), 114%= 8db, 180%=12.6db... (also works in Opera)

Force G.DMT (ADSL1)

Connection Table (ip_conntrack)

DNS Settings

Reboot the Router, or restart the PPP connection for DNS changes to take effect. If you input invalid DNS servers, you will be unable to access the internet - to restore the original setting click the "use ISP allocated Domain Name Servers (default)" button above. This change can also be cleared by resetting the router to factory settings using the reset button in the back

This page must be downloaded and opened locally for these options to be enabled.

Add entries to router's hosts file

These settings are not particularily useful unless your connection is 100% stable as the Netgear's host file & its dns server will be reset every time the PPP connection is re-established after a drop.

Enter IP address <space> hostname (eg. mel.lan)

(doesn't survive connection drop or reboot)

Reset DNS Server

Router based "speed test"

If you think poor speeds are caused by your PC or wireless link - This will download a file to the router and time the download (if this test fails to work choose a download file with a shorter URL) Results are only a very rough estimate.

Input the URL of a file to download and its filesize (url must be quite short).

Please be patient, the page will only open once the file download has completed.

Download url


(also works in Opera)

Alternative test: Downloads and displays the start and end times so that you can calculate the speed more accurately

Download url {44668/(end-start) Kbps}


Unknown said...

Excellent work! Have been looking for a tool to sync the router at a specific noise margin since the firmware update screwed the last tool. Many thanks!

Unknown said...

Many thanks for this. A nice addition/ amendment would be:

For the "Target Noise Margin", not to have to 'click the "Connection Status" button, and click on Connect'. Can this be automated as in Mognuts?

With Mognuts I used to save the command (e.g. as a favorite and just click on that everytime I booted my router.

Mel said...

I made the target margin thing drop the PPP connection first because I found I often had problems reconnecting if I just resynced the router - I presume a stale PPP session (usually cured by clicking on the sky test button)

If you prefer to just resync as per your example, edit out the "rc+wan+stop;" from the URL.>/dev/null;PATH=/usr/sbin;adslctl+configure+--snr+144+>%261+2>%261;

xjc said...

Mel, do you have the ability to offer a peak at the pppoa_username and password within your utility. Yes i am a UK SKY customer with a struggle to shake the DG834GT off my shoes. All threads so far leading no where.

Unknown said...

Mel, thanks for the "knowhow" on amending my "favorite" to "Target Noise Margin" without the connect.

I'm fine, but others might like the option via the main page.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for this dude. I was looking how to change my dns on this version for quite sometime.
BTW, the change DNS button is disabled, so I ve just enabled telnet and typed some commands I found on a forum..

Thanks again

Unknown said...

Superb - changing the snr got my speeds back up!!

xjc said...

gave up, and went a bought a different router ... reminds me of the Citizen band radio days. By all

Leigh Warren said...

ADSL username/password works but does not have variable ip address in the link.


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