Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sky D-Link DSL-2640S Router Password Extractor.

If you still have Sky_1.11 firmware ( the Firmware Version is shown on the router's status page ), I'd suggest downloading my program and extracting the password right away, however if you missed your opportunity to obtain your password before the router upgraded to the new Sky_2.04 firmware, then you can still extract it if you flash the router with the earlier version of the d-link firmware included on the CD supplied with the router.

This application will only work on the D-link router provided by Sky, and is quite likely to stop working in future versions of the firmware. Passwords for other Sky routers can be obtained from  this website, if you have the Sagem 2304N, select the Sagem F@ST2504 model. Passwords for the white Sky Netgear DG834GT router can be extracted by clicking this link.

Please be aware that using a router, other than the one provided to you by Sky is in breach of Sky's Terms and Conditions.

If you decide to use a non-sky router, please do not ask Sky customer services to assist in configuring it, and do not dispose of the one they supplied, as Sky do not provide support to customers while they are using non-sky routers.

Your use of this app, and the information it provides, is entirely at your own risk!

A brand new router stats/password extraction program with support for the current Dlink Sky2.04 firmware is now available from here:-

You can download the latest version from here:-: Authenticity_v1.71.jar (Please note that the password extraction feature will not work on this version if you connect to the router through a local proxy, as this causes my program to use for the PC's LAN address.  Kaspersky, and most likely one or two other anti-virus programs will cause this issue - I hope to fix this in the first release of my new program.

The front end is written in Java. I've tested it on Windows XP, a live Linux CD and I'm told it will work on Macs. If you don't have Java installed, it can be downloaded from here:- Java Downloads for All Operating Systems.

As of  V1.7 of my program, it is possible to extract the password without connecting the router to a phone line. If it fails to extract the password, but reports the adsl stats ok, then the router is probably being blocked from downloading the password extractor from your PC, by your PC's firewall.

If the router is blocked by a firewall (Windows Firewall seems to be a common culprit), its user interface will stop responding until the blocked request times out (about 2 minutes). Temporarily set the firewall running on your PC to allow inbound access on port 8888, or disable it while you extract your password. Then, either wait for the router's UI to start  responding again, or reboot it, and my app should work ok. You should remove the firewall rule once you've extracted the password, it is not required to access your detailed stats.

Typical Sky ADSL Settings (these are the same as most BT based ISPs) :-

Encapsulation: PPPoA (PPP over ATM or PPPoA VC-mux on some routers)
Multiplexing: VC-Based

VPI: 0
VCI: 38
ADSL Mode: Auto or  Multimode

If you need any help configuring your router, I'd recommend the forums at and 

V1.1 I've added an option to change the port it uses (you can ignore this, unless you run a server on port 8888), improved the error reporting, and fixed a minor bug. V1.3 Partially fixed a problem with it selecting the wrong network device, on some PCs, made the local IP address configurable in case it still picks the wrong one.
V1.4 Reconstructed the source from backups after a hardware failure, fixed a few bugs, and got the spinny busy indicator working.
V1.5 Added an option for those that want to tweak the snr margin (or execute any shell command) - enable "advanced" in the options menu to use it, but if you've just joined, then do not fiddle with the snr margin before the 10 day DLM process is over as it will affect the DLM process, and likely result in your connection speed being limited below what you're line is capable of. It will now also check the current directory for utelnetd and enable the Telnet button if it is found. If you need telnet access a suitable daemon can be found here
V1.6 Improved the noise margin tweaking options. Note that the noise margin dB adjustments shown on the slider are only approximate, and adjustments of more than -6db might not work with this router's xdslctl command.
V1.7 Can now extract the authentication details from a router that is not connected to the phone line.
V1.71 Corrected an erroneous error message,  minor changes to the server code.

I'd like to thank everyone making a contribution to my Paypal account, and I'd also like to thank everyone who helped with testing.

Instructions for Flashing The DSL-2640S - only necessary if the firmware has upgraded to Sky_2.04.

Warning: flashing the router could render it permanently inoperative if anything goes wrong, so proceed at your own risk

If you wish to do this, disconnect the phone line from the router, and connect the router to your PC with an Ethernet cable, rather than using wireless. Reset the router to its factory defaults (you may wish to back-up your current settings first), then power it up with the reset button held in until the "tick" led starts flashing. This puts the router into recovery mode, you can then use the dlink DSL-2640S recovery utility included on the CD to flash the router.  Or if you don't have Windows, you can access the recovery user interface by browsing to, after first configuring your PC with a fixed IP address (eg, since the router doesn't run a DHCP server while in recovery mode.

Do not turn off the power while the firmware is being written to the router.

It will take about two minutes for the router to write the firmware to its flash memory, then the light will stop flashing and it will then reboot itself, returning to its normal IP address.

Extract the password using Authenticity  V1.7 (or later) while the router is still disconnected from the phone line, to avoid any risk of the router re-updating itself.

If the Sky router is unable to connect to Sky after downgrading, reset it to its factory defaults for the downgraded firmware, by holding in the reset button in for 10 seconds when it is already powered up.


dig412 said...

Fantastic work! Thanks so much for building this.

I've got a couple of notes:

This tool binds to local port 80, if you're running a web server (Apache, IIS, etc), you'll get this error: Address already in use: bind
Just disable your server whilst you run the tool!

I couldn't get this to run on my Win7 x64 machine, even with the firewall disabled I got timeout errors. However, it ran perfectly on an old WinXP machine. I'm not sure if this is a common problem, or if my machine just has some strange configuration.

Hope this helps someone else with these issues!

dig412 said...

I've found the cause of the 2nd issue:
My PC has multiple network adaptors, and the program bound to the wrong one.

I.e. the router was connected to:
Belkin 54g Wireless

but the tool bound to:
VMWare Virtual Network

To get past this, disable all network adaptors except the one the router is connected to!

Adam said...

Doesnt work on linux,

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Authenticity/jar
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Authenticity.jar
at Method)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
Could not find the main class: Authenticity.jar. Program will exit.

Could you please tell us how you start the telnet daemon.

Mel said...

"Doesnt work on linux,"

Sorry, I'm currently suffering from a lousy cold, and only just found enough time to test it on Linux. I had to dig up an old Live CD, as I've recently deleted my linux partition, to make a bit of space.

It ran ok for me, when I launched it from a shell, with the "java -jar " option.

I got telnet running by hacking my own daemon onto the router.

Mel said...

dig412, Thank's very much for your very helpful comments.

I've now added an option to select another port other than the default port 80, and it should now bind to an adaptor, based on the IP shown in the "Local Address" field , which I've made editable in case it selects the wrong one.

Gavin said...

Huge thanks. It works like a charm. :-D

Darfyddi said...

I am a complete noob to this, new sky router doubling my ping and want to go back to belkin N1

Can anyone explain if this Authenticity_v1.41 gives me the password or just ** and how do I use it?

Sorry to be a pain.


Mel said...

"gives me the password or just **"

That's odd, can you tell me the router's firmware version, shown on the status page when you log into the router's user interface.

Had my program worked correctly, the password it extracts should be 15 characters, and the username should be the router's LAN Port MAC address (in lower case)@skydsl.

thar said...

I took Darfyddi's comment to mean, do you get the actual password or just asterisks...I could be wrong though :?

Will be testing it out myself later. Thanks for going to the trouble :)

Mel said...

Ah! I think you're right - I guess I've had too many late night recently :o, sorry Darfyddi

Yeah, it extracts the actual password and user name from the sky dlink router.

Providing you've got Sun Java (JRE) installed, my application will run by double clicking its icon - there's no install.

Darfyddi said...

As what thar said, I am a little nervous to try this as I am not sure what I am doing. Being a .jar programme has thrown me a bit too but I will look later or tomorrow.

thar said...

@Darfyddi - I didn't have Java when I first downloaded the program so was a little confused as to what I had to fault...but once I downloaded it, it was just a case of syncing the Sky router and double-clicking the app icon as Mel has said. The app is very easy to use, it's just a case of clicking on Get ADSL password as in the screengrab.
Thanks again Mel, it worked a treat!

Darfyddi said...

hi, thanks all.

I had java for something a while ago so I just turned off the firewall and dbl clicked it.

It seemed to give me something so hopefully that will work. I will try my belkin friday to see what happens :)

Thank you.

Mel said...

The higher ping is probably more to do with sky using interleaving, than Sky's somewhat indifferent router.

If you want a lower ping for gaming, then I think you'll need to contact Sky's support, to get the interleave depth reduced. Doing so will probably also result in a slightly lower sync speed, as interleaving is used to improve error correction.

Adam said...

Will you be enabling the telnet button?

Mel said...

I had intended to make it, so that you can add a suitable telnet daemon and get it working, as I'm not sure if including an open source one would infringe the gnu licence, and most people wouldn't want it anyway. The built in one would only display blanks when I tried it, and didn't execute anything, possibly because the login app is missing.

If you need telnet access, I'll create a version when I get a few minutes, so you'll just have to stick a telnet daemon in the same directory as the program.

What are planning to do with it anyway?

Adam said...

I would like to manipulate the xdslctl, I cant do it via the ping hack properly, I would eventually like to pull the firmware and modify it, if you could create a workable telnet that would be great.

Mel said...

I decided to make it as a command line option in the end.

"java -jar Authenticity_v*.jar utelnetd"

assuming utelnetd is in the current directory. Alternatively, adding a copy of utelnetd into my jar file's "myroot" should also enable the telnet button.

You'll need a copy of utelnetd that doesn't run login. I modified one off another router for my original hack, but one from a DG834GT would be ideal - If you download the latest dg834gt source from Netgear's website, and extract the "target.tar.bz2", there should be a pre-compiled utelnetd in there. If not, let me know, and I'll dig one up.

You'll need to connect on port 22 with you telnet client, rather than the default.

If you think it would be worth adding some xdslctl "tweaking" options to my app, let me know, and I may consider it.

Adam said...

This has worked great thanks, I'm now synced at,

Channel: INTR, Upstream rate = 928 Kbps, Downstream rate = 8160 Kbps

Before I was at 6500 down 400kbps up,

I used adslctl configure --mod d --snr 1.

Mel said...

That's quite some improvement, providing your connection remains stable.
--mod d forces it to connect using G.Dmt, does it not?

I've just been adding a new option to inject any shell command.

Mitch said...


I'm very keen to try this out, but Rapidshare is telling me that the free link has had too many downloads.

If it is available anywhere else I'd love to know where I could get it from!


Mel said...

I'm afraid that message comes up when rapidshare's free download slots are all full, the download link is working again at the moment though.

Unfortunately I don't have my own web server to host it on.

Adam said...

I believe it is supposed to be G.DMT however I have synced at 8700 / 1100 on this mode so I'm not totally sure, the idea of injecting shell commands is a great idea :)

Mitch said...

Quite right, and I have since downloaded it and run it successfully, I shall now be using my Belkin N1 vision exclusively and showing my love for you with cold hard cash into your paypal account.

Thank you!

Rent said...

Hi I tried running this .jar tool and get an error saying firewall blocking . Added port 8888 stil shows the same error. Can anyone suggest a way to get in please to get the password.

Mel said...

I take it you waited for the router's web interface to start responding again after you enabled inbound access on port 8888.

If your firewall has an option to block access to servers running on your PC make sure it is set not to do so.

Also make sure that the "Local Address" reported in my program, is the IP assigned to your PC by the sky dlink router, and if not, correct it.

Other than that, I'd suggest asking for help on, or if you have a copy of a live Linux CD, you could try booting into Linux and running it from there.

battery said...

This looks pretty damn awesome, I'm trying to now edit the block_info.html file through telnet but keep getting told it's a read only filesystem.

I wouldn't mind totally outing the file itself so it just shows some error page and no obvious signs that the website has been blocked.

Any ideas?


Mel said...

To change that file, you'd have to extract the firmware off the router, modify the file, then write it back to the router's flash memory.

As a workaround, you could try doing something to temporarily disable the router's http server, which should stop it displaying the blocked site page, although it will of course also disable the router's UI until it is rebooted. If you enable "advanced" in my program so that you can enter a shell command, and execute "telnetd", that would probably cause the http server to stop responding until the router is rebooted.

Hicksdesign said...

Fantastic - worked like a dream on Mac OS X 10.6. Now up and running with a decent router. Thanks - Paypal dosh on the way!

Richard said...

So just to double check, this literally grabs the password which is hidden and doesn't affect the router at all. I am needing to change to a Vigor or Billion for Hardware VPN but also don't really want to cause problems with the sky router if I ever stop using the alternative router I can go back to the sky one.

Mel said...

Extracting the password doesn't make any permanent changes to the router. It just uses a rather complicated hack to inject a small script and a C program into the router's ram, which can then obtain the authentication details.

The script removes itself and the program from the router's memory after it's finished, although rebooting the router would remove them anyway.

I've tested it extensively myself, and it has been downloaded over 1,500 times, so it should be ok.

You could do some harm, if you enable the telnet or advanced option which gives you root access, and type in the correct command line to flash the router, but you're not likely to do that by accident.

Richard said...

This worked straight away, thanks so much what a great tool!

Neil said...

What a hero, this worked a treat and no issues whatsoever.

PayPal payment will be sent shortly.



Paul said...

Let me add my voice of thanks. I had no idea when I ordered that I wouldn't 'contracturally' be able to use my existing Draytek router, so it came as a bit of a shock to realise I'd have to jump through these hoops. Still got 10 days till I change over so I can't test the result yet but I'm quietly confident.

I couldn't get the Jar to run on my WIn 7x64 PC, but I have an XP VM and it ran fine on that. Not really sure what the issue was, I had Java 32 latest version but I downloaded the 64 as well just in case but made no diff.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: C:\Sky\Authenticity_v
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: C:\Sky\Authenticity_v1.6.jar
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
Could not find the main class: C:\Sky\Authenticity_v1.6.jar. Program will exit.

Paul S said...

Many thanks for this. It worked a treat after adding the -jar option.

It's given me a username and password but it won't accept them :( After I'd run the program I got straight into the router home page without it asking, however when I tried to reboot it asked for username and password and it hasn't worked since?

Zeddy said...


Just got my new sky router, trying to extract username and password but when i click on the link to download the piece of software, rapidshare doesn't prompt to download. can you confirm if this link still works. thanks.

Mel said...

Yes, the download link in my blog still works. If you have trouble downloading it, try again when rapidshare is less busy.

Also try using https, in case the problem is caused by your ISP's implementation of the IWF blacklist:-

TP said...

Thanks for your work with this - works like a charm.

TP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
its_boothyy said...

how do i force it to connect using ADSL2+ as i am set to G.DMT by sky

Anonymous said...

The changes I make to the SNR seem to not take affect within the router a the SNR always remains the same. Is there a known problem as to why the changes don't save within the router?

Hope you can help, PLLEAASEE.

D-Link Firmware: SKY_1.11

Connection Speed 16378 kbps 948 kbps

Line Attenuation 21.5db 10.3db

Noise Margin 7.4db 7.5db

Mel said...

Hi its_boothyy

"how do i force it to connect using ADSL2+ as i am set to G.DMT by sky"

I'm sorry, you can't:-

If Sky have your connection set to use G.DMT, then setting the router to ADSL2+ (xdslctl configure --mod p) won't work, because the Sky DSLAM won't negotiate an ADSL2+ connection.

Forcing G.DMT when Sky have it set to ADSL2+ only works because the DSLAM will fall back to G.DMT if it can't negotiate an ADSL2+ connection.

Mel said...

"The changes I make to the SNR seem to not take affect within the router a the SNR always remains the same. Is there a known problem as to why the changes don't save within the router?"

Does the "Get ADSL Password" button provide you with a password: if it does then the SNR tweak option ought to work too.

The SNR changes aren't saved as such, the xdslctl configure --snr command should cause the router to resync with the tweaked noise margin (7.5db + the adjustment) when you click execute.

I guess it is possible that your sync rate might be capped, as my netgear router used to report ( I suspect mis-report) the noise margin as 7db on a Sky dslam after the sync rate was capped, and unless I increased the target margin by about +6dB or more, the sync rate wouldn't change at-all.

Sam said...

Router firmware this morning updated to SKY_2.04.

The Authenticity_v1.6 no longer works.

Mel said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for posting about the firmware update.

Duff said...

Awesome - worked fine for me, win7 64bit.

Dean said...

Works a treat os Windows 7 32-bit. Thanks

Duncan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duncan said...

Probably being really blonde here, but how do I get this to work on my Win 7 X64? So many files, which do I click on? Many thanks Duncan

Duncan said...

Got it now :)

Coleman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pass on my thanks and confirm that the program does indeed work with OS X 10.7 "lion". After double clicking the jar, software update prompted me to install java runtime, everything worked a treat.

Jordan said...

Thanks for this works a treat!!!

sky dont actually mind it if you use your router instead of theirs. just if you are experencing technical problems, make sure that you connect your original sky router before you ring or they wont be able to help you.

i found this out by ringing up and saying that i have obtained a router which is far better than sky's. they said that they dont advise it and they wont/cant give out the user and password for the adsl settings, so i have to find these out myself. but they wont do anything to stop me.
the lady i spoke to said that it was perfectly fine, just that sky wont provide technical support due to not using the sky provided router.

hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to force the router to check for a firmware update? Mine has been stuck on 1.11 for some time now. Thanks. :-)

Mel said...

I think when the router checks for new firmware, Sky's firmware server responds with an error unless your particular router is scheduled to be updated this month - quite possibly based on its MAC address.

So you won't be able to force it to update immediately, unless it was due to be updated anyway. But, if you want to try anyway, I'm not sure of the best way to do it, but maybe if you kill the sntp server to stop it checking the time and set the date in the future, it might make it do it's monthly(?) check today.

killall sntp
date 2011.4.20-23:44

ChrisLody said...

This worked a treat for me. My d-link routers wifi wasn't strong enough for the whole house so being able to swap routers was a god send.

Thanks very much!

Dave White said...

Hi. I downgraded from the 2.04 firmware. Then found that the router would not connect to Sky's network - Sync light solid, but Security/log kept saying "authentication failed". Phoned Sky, who got me to hold in the reset button for 10 seconds (until the sync light went out and the green 'tick' LED was lit). "Tick" LED went out, sync began and then I was authenticated back onto the network. Just in case this happens to anyone else.

Mel said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting that, I'll add it to the flashing procedure.

Thanks again,


John said...

When I run the program I get the message:
"Invalid Router Password.
Please correct and try again"
I have a D-link 2640s and Win 7 64bit. Any idea why I am getting that message.
I have tried it with and without firewall disabled

Anam said...

Hi there, i cannot seem to download from the rapidshare link, it comes up blank with no option to download any files, i have just been switched over to sky with firmware version 1.11 and i want to use my own router.
i would be happy to donate as a thankyou.

Anam said...

nevermind, needed to enable SSL on the bottom of the rapidshare page and the link appeared! worked straight away and am now happily working on my Belkin router :D
Happy days said...

@ Dave White.

How did you downgrade from 2.04 firmware.

marc said...

OMG stumbled over this after 24 hours screaming at poxy DGN2200. now I am up and running I have speedtested between old and new router.... old tops oout at 3mb - 300k DGN2200 hits 14mb - 1mb !!!!

marc said...

shoudda added in previous post... thanks sooo much

David said...

Hi mate I have been trying to get the program for extracting my adsl username and password from my D-Link Sky router the link seems to be dead or the file is unavailable ., Please can you send me a new access to getting this prog.

Leon said...

Yeah also can't access the Dlink router :( I really hope there is a fix soon as I need to use my wireless n router big time!

Mel said...

I've posted a copy for people having trouble accessing Rapidshare here:-^_v1.7.jar

roger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
roger said...

Hi Mel
I have a spare DSL 2640 that I would like to use with another ISP. Is it possible to flash the router to allow this? Any help would be gratefully received.

sandhiya said...

I enjoyed reading your blog ~ thanks for posting such useful content.


Mel said...

"I have a spare DSL 2640 that I would like to use with another ISP. Is it possible to flash the router to allow this?"

I'm not aware of a suitable replacement firmware at the moment.

I've had a look around on the net for alternate firmware for the dsl-2640s, that doesn't have the WAN settings locked down. So far I've only found a couple of potential candidates, and both of them are too large for the dsl-2640s 4MB of flash memory. As neither of the sources are available,I've extracted their filesystems and am currently trying to prune out some of the non-essential stuff. Chances are I'll just end up bricking my dsl-2640s though :).

steveaduk said...

Hi Mel, maybe I'm being dense but can't get your application to run. I think I've managed to extract the files, but when I start the application all it says is "the application is improperly formatted". Can you help please?

Mel said...

There's no need to extract the files. Provided you have JAVA installed, you would normally just have to double click the .jar file, or you may have to right click on the .jar and select open with java..

If that doesn't work, either java needs updating, or is not installed correctly, or something has messed up its .jar file association.

If it is the latter, you can run the .jar file from the command line, using the java -jar option.

On 64 bit Windows, assuming you have authenticity_v1.71.jar saved to your desktop :-
open a console (Start->run_>cmd)
cd desktop
"%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Java\jre6\bin\java" -jar Authenticity_v1.71.jar

Or for 32 bit Windows OSes

"%PROGRAMFILES%\Java\jre6\bin\java" -jar Authenticity_v1.71.jar

I think with Linux you can just type in a terminal:-

java -jar Authenticity_v1.71.jar

harv said...

Hi Mel, when do you think you will have the Extractor for the 2.04 ? Would rather wait for that than risk downgrade. Thanks

macsepp said...

Yes, please help us with a version for the new 2.04 firmware. I hate this router! I hate hate hate it!!!

Max said...


..dispensing with the usual waffle re hunting for this tool.. :) my router was delivered last week, firmware version reported as:


Please do have a look at updating your tool accordingly?

Thanks in advance!

A75stevie said...

Hi, is there another link for Authenticity 1.71? Can't download from the ones above.
Many thanks for your hard work on this, it's a great job!

Manuel said...

Any success with a newer version to use it with the new 2.04 firmware?

That would be so good, because everytime i flash it down to the old one, after one day, it flashes itself up to the newer firmare.

Hodgers said...

Lord above this has been a nightmare - you truly are a hero. OK so did everything on this page and ended up with Firmware 1.07. The Authenticity 1.71 still didnt work though, failing because it kept trying to connect to local address for some reason even though router ip address was correct. However version 1.6 of Authenticity did run using a more logical local address and gave me a result. Not sure if it's right though as yet. Going to try it on new router over weekend.

Max said...

java.lang.SecurityException: Trusted-Only loader attempted to load sandboxed resource from
at$ParentCallback.check(Unknown Source)
at$ParentCallback.access$1500(Unknown Source)
at$ChildElement.checkResource(Unknown Source)
at$JarLoader.checkResource(Unknown Source)
at$JarLoader.getResource(Unknown Source)
at$JarLoader.getResource(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at com.sun.jnlp.JNLPClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClassCond(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at$000(Unknown Source)
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at com.sun.jnlp.JNLPClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.doLaunchApp(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)

J2O said...

Just want to say thank you so much for your hard work in making your new version - it works a treat!

I was so annoyed at Sky for not providing MY username/password i made a complaint and hung up.

Thanks again you are a lifesaver

Aks_1999 said...


I managed to connect to my router, but now i am getting server redirected to many times (20).. I can no longer login via web interface with my password and user name?? Any idea's what i may have done?? Router is a d-link firmware 2.04..Thanks

C4 Men's Hockey said...

Hi! Do D'link use the same chipset on other routers? It is a Broadcom chipset and if it has been used in other routers, maybe there is a way to "unlock" it from sky in order to use it with another ISP provider.

Just a last line to congratulate you,Mel, for the great job you have done with this thread.

C4 Men's Hockey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
F.K said...

i got the username and password
but i cant login using it plus can i use this router as a normal adsl router on which i can add some other internet connection??

Craig said...

Hi Mel, just wanted to say thanks for the effort, this got me my sky username and password from skys' dlink router in a flash.

After speaking to sky on the phone and asking if they could supply me with some log in details so I could try a different router after numerous problems with theirs, they had no clue what I was on about. In the end they decided I needed to be sent another set up CD. Thanks sky.

Anyway, great effort with this, I like to think I can sort most things out, I work in IT, but this sort of thing takes quite a bit of hard work and tinkering I should imagine.

I have lost count of the amount of little tools and programs I have found on the internet written by people like yourself who have no reason other than to help others.

great job, thanks!

Rich @_RunTelDat said...

Hi, don't know if this helps but I've been trying allday to find username and password for a Sky DLink, DSL24640S model F/W Ver 1.11 I got given I eventually had a guess, typed in 'admin' as username and 'sky' as password an it works :D !!

Navin Gupta said...

HI Mel. I was after the sky ISP username and password from the router. Have been with sky from morning before looking at your blog and was just too frustrated as i had the same experience with Sky as others. I have D link 2640S ver A1 and want to extract the user name and password. Is there a chance i can download your extractor? Can't find any latest links to download - Cheers N

Nick Payne said...

can I just say thank you for the help your program has provided, as a long term sky customer I was dissapointed to say the least when they refused to replace the d-link router after it failed, I then insisted I had a router of my own I could use only to be told they would not release the information I would need to get the router to work as this was in breach of their terms and conditions..
did as you said set the 8888 port open and your program pulled the details straight from the router in about 4 seconds, not bad considering the router failed because it had a large bottle of printer ink knocked into it by my dog, washed most of it out with the hot tap and dried the router out with a hair dryer, it works perfect just refuses to accept theres a phone line plugged into it, expect a chip or something fried when it found itself full of fluid whilst powered up...(think you can email me via this comment, forgot to take a note of your paypal address when I used the prog and would love to send you some cash for a pint as you have saved me the cost of a new router)

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