Friday, 2 March 2007


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Conditions of Service
AOL Complaints Policy
Broadband/Router agreement

Alternative Aol Member Service phone numbers

(Bristol)    0117 919 1100
(Freephone) 0800 279 6771
AOL Proxy settings
Some UK sites block access to non UK IP addresses, if you are allocated a US IP address you can get around this by configuring your browser with the following proxy settings.

For http: port 80
For https: (ssl) port 443

Set local addresses to bypass the proxy and add 192.168.* to the list of exceptions otherwise you won't be able to access your router's web interface while using the proxy.

You can find out your AOL PriceIndex which was once rumoured to determine whether you connection is throttled, by temporarily configuring your browser to use AOL's proxy port 80, then following the instructions below.

Copy the script below, or if you prefer add this javascript AOL PriceIndex to your favourites. Because it contains a javascript, your browser may warn you that the link may not be safe, click yes to ignore that or use the copy and paste method instead.


Navigate to, log-in using your master screen name and select "Broadband" and click continue. Instead of submitting a question, paste the script above in the address bar and hit return, or if you added it to favourites, just click on the bookmark.

An alertbox will pop up and display the priceindex eg:- 3436/silver.

Router settings

AOL recommend: PPPoE LLC, with MTU=1450

However, I prefer to use PPPoA VC-Mux, with MTU=1430 (MSS=1390 if router has MSS setting)

VCI: 38


screenname should be a General (18+) aol screen name in lower case with any spaces omitted.
The password must not be longer than 8 characters and consist of letters and numerals only.

Alternate Username: aolnet/

This alternate username only works with PPPoE LLC - it is used by AOL software with modems and if used in a router you will have to run AOL's software & log-in to access the internet.

AOL Test login Username: Password: roughalien