Wednesday, 28 November 2007


DG834GT Stats SF:
Super Frames
Cyclic Redundancy Check
Errored Seconds (Seconds with 1 or more CRC errors)
Severely Errored Seconds
Reed Solomon Forward Error Correction
Loss Of Framing
Interleave depth
ATM Header Error Control
Loss Of Signal
Unavailable Seconds (No Signal)

Enable telnet          launch telnet      to disable type "killall utelnetd" in the console.

Override Target Noise Margin %  86%= 6dB 100%=7dB(default) 114%= 8db...

Add entries to router's hosts file

This is not particularily useful unless your connection is 100% stable as the Netgear's host file will be reset every time the PPP connection is re-established after a drop.

Enter IP address <space> hostname (eg. mel.lan)

Add above to DNS Server

Reset DNS Server

Router based "speed test"

If you think poor speeds are caused by your PC or wireless link - This will download a file to the router and time the download (if this test fails to work choose a download file with a shorter URL) Results are only a very rough estimate.

Input the URL of a file to download and its filesize (url must be quite short).

Please be patient, the page will only open once the file download has completed.

Download url Filesize=

Alternative test: Downloads and displays the start and end times so that you can calculate the speed more accurately

Download url {44668/(end-start) Kbps}