Monday, 4 January 2016

KKMoon 805 IP Camera Webviewer

I recently purchased a Kkmoon 805 720p IP Camera off ebay. It's software indicates that it is based on a  Texas Instruments DM365 processor.

It supports connection via P2P and RTSP.  Log in uses basic authentication, it does not support HTTPS, so passwords are sent unencrypted and unfortunately its firmware doesn't appear to restrict the number of unsuccessful attempts to log in either.

I've found the RTSP steam can be viewed without a password anyway.
The following URLs worked for me using VLC media player:

rtsp://user:pass@IPAddress:554/0 (720p stream, averages ~15fps, user and pass can be anything)
rtsp://user:pass@IPAddress:554/1 (480p stream.. " " ")

The following URLs also worked with VLC in Linux and android, but not in Windows:

rtsp://IPAddress/camera-media/profile0 (720p)
rtsp://IPAddress/camera-media/profile1 (480p)
rtsp://IPAddress/camera-media/profile2 (opened both streams in the vlc plugin)

To download a  still from the camera:-

http://IPAddress/snapshot/image0.jpg (320px x 240px).

P2P allows the camera to be remotely accessible over the net with minimal configuration, it doesn't need port forwarding set up, or uPnP enabled, or  DDNS. Unfortunately, if you don't want to allow P2P access, there's no option to disable P2P, other than blocking internet access for it in the router's firewall.

The Android app I'm using is  P2PCam_HD installed from Google Play, although I'm not sure if that is the official app for this camera, as I didn't install the one from the CD/website.

Image quality is acceptable, but not fantastic, and deteriorates badly in low light, until it flips out the IR-cut filter and switches to black & white. Night vision lit by the IR emitters is fairly good. Sound quality is poor, and I've yet to manage to access an audio stream other than by the P2P apps.

A nice feature is that it can record to a micro-SD card in 720p (or 480/320 if preferred).
It is  supposed to be able to send an email when it detects motion, but I've been unable to get email to work with any email service I've tried, other than for sending the test email.

EDIT: I was able to receive emails by running a local smtp server with the SSL option unticked, StartTLS doesn't seem to be implemented, and I'm guessing its SSL support is obsolete due to the  SSL vulnerabilities.

Another very annoying issue is occasionally when viewing the RTSP stream directly, with a programme like VLC or an ONVIF recorder, the camera will pan or tilt on its own accord, and sooner or later the connection will drop with the camera firmware seeming to partially crash and reset itself, although it doesn't lose the time. So far this hasn't happened when monitoring the stream using its P2P apps, or recording to a micro SD card while not being monitored.

The random pan/tilt issue seems to occur much less frequently when the camera has been up and running without a reboot for more than six days.

The camera's positioning to presets doesn't seem to be reliably accurate,  I suspect they might be getting corrupted along with the camera's track of its current position due to the crashes.

There is nothing under the hole marked "Reset" in the bottom of the generic case.  I removed the bottom from mine and found a pin hole under one of the sticky labels above a button on the rather diminutive circuit board for the various connectors. The pin hole is about ½" behind the camera mount screw and ¼" toward the side with the network port.

The official software is hosted here:-

The browser interface requires the installation of an activex plug-in, requiring Internet Explorer, so I've created a web page that also works in Firefox (32 bit version only) with the VLC plugin included with VLC Media Player to display the RTSP stream. IP address and port are stored as cookies. If you have one of these  I've hosted it here, or you can use it directly from this page:-

Unfortunately, Firefox will be dropping support of all NPAPI plugins, and the VLC NPAPI plugin is not one of the few permitted to run in the 64 bit version, so the 32 bit versions of both firefox and vlc is required. It
Edit: I've modified my javascript to get it working in Internet Explorer (both 32 and 64 bit). KKMoon 805 IP Camera Webviewer
Goto Set
720p 480
Camera IP :

IRCut Colour Sensitivity= Mirror= White Balance = Flicker= ExposureTime=

User Password(anything will do) Alt Url (linx only)