Friday, 11 January 2008

Netgear DG834G


Detailed Stats

"Trained Path:" appears to indicate if your connection is interleaved.

Trained Path: 0 = Fast path. Trained Path: 1 = Interleaved. ip_contrack Routing table.

To enable telnet access on a Netgear DG834(G) - this launches utelnetd -d

There is no root password so while enabled, everyone on the lan will have telnet access. Disable in the terminal by typing "killall utelnetd"

To enable ppp debugging      This puts pppd in debug mode and logs the establishment of the connection - LCP traffic to /tmp/ppp_log NB the output includes username and encrypted password.    To view ppp_log

Delete ppp_log

To enable VPN debugging

Select between Modem Only Mode (PPPoE bridge) and Router Mode

Disable Configuration Assistant use this if you get stuck in the smart wizard (configuration assistant).

connect to speedtest@speedtest_domain- to reconnect to you ISP disconnect and reconnect using the router interface.

Show Command lines

Show nvram

This is not particularily useful unless your connection is 100% stable as the Netgear's host file will be reset every time the PPP connection is re-established after a drop.

Enter IP address <space> hostname (eg. mel.lan)

Add Entries to DNS Server

Reset DNS Server


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